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Episode: Edward VI’s Regency Council

March 24, 2019
Episode: Edward VI's Regency Council
After producing my series on Lady Jane Grey I thought I should step back a bit and look at the beginning of Edward VI's reign. As many of you already know I have an obsession with Thomas Seymour - it is at the time of Edward accession to the throne that things began to sour for Thomas Seymour...where he may have foresaw great favor and wealth, realty brought him much less. Thomas Seymour was not even trusted by King Henry VIII to be on the regency council of his own nephew.

This episode will focus on the events that occurred prior to King Henry VIII's death and will end with each of the sixteen men on the council and a bit about them.

I would also like to take a minute to apologize for the slaughtering of English place names, surnames and events -- I didn't realize until after the fact that I may have done a bit more research on how to pronounce a few things - my apologies, in advance.


Written by: Rebecca Larson

Voiced by: Rebecca Larson

Produced by: Rebecca Larson

Music Credits: 

Suonatore di Liuto Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License



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