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Interview with Historian Leanda de Lisle

October 6, 2019
On today’s episode I welcome another one of my favorite historians and authors, Leanda de Lisle. Leanda and I talk about the Tudors, James I, and his son, Charles I. You just never know where these topics will lead, and I had an absolute blast discussing them with Leanda.
I’m Rebecca Larson, host of the Tudors Dynasty Podcast and owner of TudorsDynasty.com. Telling the stories of those who lived centuries before us is what I enjoy doing most. Whether it be a show on one subject or an interview with an author/historian, I’ll bring you the tales of 16th century England.
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Written by: Rebecca Larson
Voiced by: Rebecca Larson & Leanda de Lisle
Produced by: Rebecca Larson
Imaging by: Troy Larson
Music Credits:
"Folk Round" by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)

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