Tudors Dynasty Podcast

Queen Consorts, the Grey Sisters and Lady Cromwell

November 30, 2020
When we began planning episode 103, I don't think we imagined that it would be a themed episode. This episode we were fortunate enough to have both Elizabeth Norton and Leanda de Lisle on to talk about women, or women near the throne. Elizabeth chats with me about queen consorts (oh the fun!), and Leanda is asked YOUR submitted questions on the Grey sisters. Then I teach you a bit about Elizabeth Seymour (sister to Queen Jane) in A Brief History.
And, as a treat to all listeners, everyone gets access to Elizabeth Norton's full answers in "IF I Made You Choose" this episode! As patrons you will now (after this episode) receive early access to the answers prior to the public.
Written by: Rebecca Larson & Stephanie Stohrer
Voiced by: Rebecca Larson, Stephanie Stohrer, Elizabeth Norton & Leanda de Lisle
Produced by: Rebecca Larson
Imaging by: Troy Larson
Music Credits:
Pavana alla veneziana by Paul O'Dette, Composed by Joan Ambrosio Dalza

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