Tudors Dynasty Podcast

The Black Prince, Royal Witches, and Anne Parr

March 15, 2021
Hello and welcome back to the show, I’m your host, Rebecca Larson, and this is episode #110!
I’m so excited to share this episode with you because we cover some really fun subjects, and chat with some new friends, too.
First, Dr. Michael Jones and I discuss the Black Prince (Edward of Woodstock) and his connection to Henry VIII...then Steph asks author Gemma Hollman your listener submitted questions on royal witches and witchcraft. Lastly, I give you A Brief History on Anne Parr, to wrap up the Parr siblings after the last two episodes.
Dr. Michael Jones - The Black Prince:  0:00 - 35:36
Gemma Hollman - Royal Witches & Witchcraft: 35:37 - 1:09:00
A Brief History: 109:01 - 1:21:06
Written by: Rebecca Larson, Steph Stohrer & Lissa Bryan
Voiced by: Rebecca Larson, Steph Stohrer, Dr. Michael Jones & Gemma Hollman
Produced by: Rebecca Larson & Steph Stohrer
Imaging by: Troy Larson (TroyLarsonCreative.com)
Music Credits:
Pavana alla veneziana by Paul O'Dette, Composed by Joan Ambrosio Dalza

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