Tudors Dynasty Podcast

The Pretenders, Cecily Neville, and the Other Anne Boleyn

May 10, 2021

Welcome back! On this episode I welcome back historian and author Nathen Amin to chat about the topic of his new book, Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders. Then, on Ask the Expert, Annie  Garthwaite joins us to answer your questions on Cecily Neville, and lastly, I tell you all about THE OTHER Anne Boleyn.

Nathen Amin - Henry VII & The Pretenders:  0:00 - 34:27

Annie Garthwaite - Cecily Neville: 34:28 - 1:15:38

A Brief History - The Other Anne Boleyn: 1:15:39 - 1:25:07


Show Notes: TudorsDynastyPodcast.com



Written by: Rebecca Larson, Steph Stohrer & Lissa Bryan

Voiced by: Rebecca Larson, Steph Stohrer, Nathen Amin & Annie Garthwaite

Produced by: Rebecca Larson & Steph Stohrer

Imaging by: Troy Larson (TroyLarsonCreative.com)

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